Something About Us!

  • Who is North Texas Pecan?

    North Texas Pecan is a company geared to maintain and invest into the pecan community. We take pride in our orchards that we maintain for ourselves and other customers. We spray, harvest, clean, buy and sell pecans in large bulk. We love our local community and stand behind taking care of the orchards to continue to see them blossom and produce pecans.

  • The pecan crop

    Our pecan crop along with other local orchards gathered by North Texas Pecan is of the improved variety offering a soft shell and a tasty kernel inside!

  • Our heritage

    North Texas Pecan is a family owned pecan business that started in the late 70's gathering pecans to make a living and has continued to be carried out and has become commercialized with multiple harvesters, shakers and a full size cleaning plant!

  • Our machines

    We use both new and old equipment to get the pecans off the trees and into super sacks from spraying trees with a Savage sprayer, shaking the trees with a 2158 Savage shaker, precleaning in a 4324 Savage Precleaner, harvesting with 3 Savage harvesters and cleaned by the latest technology offered by Savage in their Grey Line division.